What is Claymation?

Claymation is a common term used to describe stop motion animation that uses clay, plasticine or even playdough covering a wire form or armature to create figures, scenery or characters that move. This technique requires that the producers and production team move the figures frequently to create the illusion that the figures are actually moving on their own.

Interesting Facts

The Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run films are shot using the stop motion animation technique.

Over 250 production workers (includes 30 animators) worked on the film.

Over 115,000 frames of footage were required in the making of the Wallace and Gromit feature film.

Did you know that Chicken Run was the first full length Claymation movie?

(Nortel LearniT, 2006)


Wallace and Gromit

Chicken Run (2000)